Welcome back to Europe

The place

After a successful meeting in Toronto, 2019, EMABM  will be back in Europe in 2022 !

The conference will take place in Lille, France, May 15-18th.

Located in the North of France, close to Belgium, the beautiful city of Lille (pop. 235 000, within a 1.2 million inhabitants metropolis) is famous for its rich history and architecture.

The main square (Grand Place) in Lille. © Velvet, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


The conference will be held in the magnificent hotel “Couvent des Minimes”, a 17th century convent turned into a hotel in 1990. Made of bricks and local stone, it will be the perfect place to discuss about geomaterials, to stroll under its vaults and to chill out under its huge canopy.

Couvent des Minimes

Conference fees

  • Student/PhD student : 400 €
  • Regular fee : 500 €
  • Exhibitor : 650 €

The workshop organized on the 15th PM, just before the meet & greet session, will be billed 100 €.

Organizing committee

  • Main coordinator : Vincent THIERY – IMT Nord-Europe, center for Materials & Processes, laboratory of civil engineering and geo-environment (LGCgE).

From left to right : Marwa JEBBAWY (IMTNE, LGCgE, LRMH), Elisabeth MARIE-VICTOIRE & Myriam BOUICHOU (LRMH/concrete team), enthusiastically sampling nineteenth century mortars for microstructural investigation.